Mate Act Now:

A protest for the digital generation

It’s time to raise our collective middle fingers to climate change.


  • Design By Toko
  • Denis Kovac
  • Anagrama
  • Stephen McCarthy
  • Two Times Elliott
  • Hardhat
  • Superfried
  • Robert Holmkvist
  • Craig Black
  • Kyla K

  • + MORE

In response to the 2019/20 Australian bushfires, and recontextualised by the global outbreak of COVID-19, MATE ACT NOW is a co-ordinated response of over 200 designers from some of the world’s top creative studios to drive climate action.

We know that a poster in itself can't affect change. It is people’s actions that will make a difference. So if the world’s reaction to COVID-19 dispels any doubt we have about our ability to act when needed, the question now is: do we have the willpower to act against this?


Mate Act Now:

The book

$35NZD +

MATE ACT NOW: 100+ posters protesting climate change and driving political action. Limited edition print run with all profits going to Red Cross Disaster Relief Australia.

  • Foreword Jack Mussett

  • Introduction Adrien Taylor

    Entrepreneur & 

    Climate Activist
  • Are you with us? Kevin Finn
  • Preface Chris Flack

  • Book Design Liam Ooi
  • Paper Supplier BJ Ball Papers NZ
  • Cover Evergreen Environment
    Desert Storm 324gsm
  • Internals Eco100 115gsm
    Maine Recycled Gloss 115gsm
  • Print Spectrum Print,

    New Zealand
  • Typeface Maria by Phil Baber

A poster won’t change the world. People will — and 250 have joined us so far. Share, download, and most importantly, act.